How to book a FIT DEAL activity

Gå to ”Ugeprogram”. 

Here you will find an overview of all activities the next three weeks.



Below you can  see the weekly plan.

- Click on the activity you would like to sign up for.

- By clicking on the activity name, you will enter the next page, where you can read more about the activity.

- Click on "Sign up", and you will go directly to the registration section.  



Did you click on the activity, you will come here.

- Here you can read more about the activity.

- Want to sign up, press "SIGN UP"




- Here you can select the number of participants who wishes to book the activity.

 - Then click on "BOOK"



Voucher code.

- If you do not have a voucher, just continue to "Order"

- Do you have a voucher; enter the code in the box next to “Rabatkode”

- Remember to press "Add discount code", in order to withdraw the amount of the discount.

- When booking more participants or more expensive activities, you can add more voucher codes 
  (REMEMBER only one code at a time and press  "Tilføj rabatkode" between each)

- By using Sweet Deal codes you enter the same code again.



By using vouchers

- Be aware of if the discount code is subtracted from the amount.

- If the discount is deducted then go to "Order"



"Gå til bestilling/Order"

- Fill in all your information or enter your phone number, and click "Hent gemt data"

- It is important that you fill in all your information otherwise the system will not proceed.

- Your information will not be used elsewhere, but used for statistics.

- When you are finished, press the "Gå til Betaling/ Pay"




If you have not used a voucher, you will be sent to payment.




Order Confirmation

- You are first signed up, when you see a receipt.

- This will also be sent by e-mail.


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